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  1. I love “All I Do is Win” video and all of the others. Alan does a great job! I thoroughly enjoyed the “up & down” and everything this year at JHS! And grown-ups are also playing along at home on Saturdays.

    Guess what my ringtone is?! Believe me, my kids are horrified!

    1980 Grad!

  2. i would LOVE to see some metal versions. i give myself goosebumps every time i watch these videos muted while playing heavy hitting metal playing instead. i might just have to pick up some video editing skills of my own to see this happen though

  3. I have to admit I was not a fan of the song in the beginning, but it grew on me quickly. Actually gave me goosebumps. Time to hit up T-pain for an auburn specific remix for next year…The Champ is Here!

  4. “And I like giving back, even if it’s just in the form of a one-minute video.”

    Are you kidding me?! What an INCREDIBLE way to give back. You nailed it this season….absolutley nailed it. That video/song got EVERYONE going: young, old, male, female, you name it. …it was outstanding. Thank you!

    GREAT JOB! WDE!! 1994 Grad

  5. btw – love the new version with Dyer right at the “and they stay there” part………nice. 🙂

  6. I am 33 and loved it, but I like pretty much all types of music. I knew it was a hit when my mother, who is 60 and HATES rap, was singing along word for word. Well done!

  7. Old Aubie loved it !!! i must admit the atmosphere this year at the games wasmumreal even by the usual great AU standardn…..and you vidoe got it going !

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