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  1. Awesome story. I’m a big classic animation fan (which makes me, by default, a classic Disney fan as well), but also a War Eagler. WED autographs, authenticated ones, go for thousands of dollars, but this one has got to be deemed genuinely priceless, at least to folks like me who are big fans of both.

  2. I know a family in Demopolis, AL that has one of the paintings. I wonder if they are worth anything

  3. It was Red Sugg not Bugg. Mr Sugg was an executive with the UpJohn Co and a friend of WD. I have a litho copy of the Disney Tiger.

  4. I believe that I’ve read somewhere that the current Aubie costume is made by Disney. Is that true?

  5. Ugh, this makes me ill. Why? Because my brother had one of these coveted prints and it got water damaged and completely ruined. Tragic. Great write up, though. Thanks for posting.


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