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The Tiger Prowler goes up on (auction) blocks

The ongoing saga of man vs. machine is finally coming to a close: Michael Garber has decided to part with his beloved Tiger Prowler.

The Gameday Goliath is currently up for bid on eBay with a low-reserve and a Buy It Now option of only $3,000.

The mileage is listed at 999,999… it just seems a shame not to shoot for that million. Also, the bus was originally purchased in Arizona and driven to Auburn. Surely there is one among you who senses the potential poetry in fillin’ up on diesel and returning the ol’ girl to Arizona for the BCS Championship? (No need for hotels — she’ll sleep three.)

Here’s the full description:

I am selling a 1971 GM fishbowl bus that I purchased in Arizona and drove to Alabama, I fixed it up and made it into a tailgating/nascar type bus that you can take to different events and have a blast in. I will include a generator to power the bus while parked, it comes fully wired, with a toilet a bar and sleeping for 3.

Condition: it is what it is, I graffitied the outside with auburn themed graffiti. The paint can come off very easily and you could repaint it on your own. there are dents and dings and needs a good cleaning. Mechanically the engine fires up every time, the transmission is ok but there is a problem with the shifting mechanism that anyone with some time and money could fix I don’t have that. I have moved from Auburn and have a job now that does not allow me to use it like I want to. I am listing it with a very low reserve. the front windshield on the left has a small crack and the one on the right has a bigger crack (still driveable) It will cost you 250 dollars to move it from where it sits to a mechanic of your choice I will not pay for anything having to do with transportation that is on you. I am available on the weekends to look at the bus and I have a gentleman that can meet you to look at it in Auburn, Alabama.

Features: its lined with outdoor playground grass, it has a two stroke 8V Detroit Diesel purrs like a kitten. it has 3 small beds in the back, has a very good fridge (ac, propane and 120v) it has a bar, and a campground 220v connection. It is an automatic and runs 65 mph all day long. It has a real door on the side that you can lock. It has an AC that works very well. I got a 5000 watt generator that will come with the sale.

History: look at this website www.tigerprowler.com

Shipping and Payment: I will not arrange for shipment that is on you, payment wise I want 200 dollars non refundable at the end of auction and the remainder when you pick up the vehicle

For more information, contact Michael Garber at 256-684-0138 or at [email protected]

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