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The Boys and their Toys: Players pose with Heisman, celebrate unprecedented awards season

It wasn’t Halloween, by any means, but Twitter produced a steady stream of photos last night taken at the team’s post-season celebration banquet thing at Auburn Arena – mostly of tuxedo-wearing players posing with the Heisman.

But this morning, we have the Todd Van Emst zoom out for the official “ooohs” and “ahhhhs” to begin.

Go ahead.

When hard-core fans look at a photo of trophies and can’t even figure out what some are for, you know it’s been a good year.

Credit it to whatever stroke of luck or coincidence or made-in-a-vacuum coaching hire you want, but for a program to have such collective success – state championship, conference championship, Heisman, Lombardi, this one, that one, that one, this one, and that one, playing for the national championship – just two years removed from a losing season and morale-murdering regime change has to be unprecedented… has to be.

I’m sure Mark “Quarterback Draw, Y’allll” Stewart was right about Cam and the Heisman and the available space – there probably was room in the case for one more trophy.

But judging from last night’s display (and destiny’s 2010 track record), come January 11 we’re going to need a whole separate room… maybe The Lovelace Chamber of Secrets. Ah – we kid. It should totally be the “Twenty Ten Den”.

Here are some more Todd Van Emst photos from the banquet:

Todd Van Emst photos via AU Family (go there – they’ve got more).

Twitpics via Byrum, Etheridge.

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