Ted Turner is All In

Some more why not? photos of the celebrated Auburn billboards unveiled Tuesday morning in Atlanta, shot from the office of Foy Onion, with captions from the office of Foy Onion [as always, click to enlarge… really, really enlarge]:

“Photo #1 is the view from my office, just to give some perspective of the area.  You can’t really tell anything about the billboards.”
“Photo #2 is zoomed in a little more.  You still really can’t tell much of anything.”
“Photo #3 is a digital zoom.  The billboard I mentioned in my comment is at the top, and the billboard pictured on TWER yesterday is just peeking over the rooftop in the foreground (Ted Turner’s penthouse, by the way).”
“Photo #4 is the billboard from ground level (nice color scheme, huh?).”

Special thanks to the office of Foy Onion.

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