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Sunday morning biscuits and gravy KING’S FEAST!!

Let’s cruise around the Internet this morning and see what idiot sportswriters, coaches and Tim Brando … er … educated Heisman-and-AP-Poll-voting journalists are saying.

[10:40 a.m. CST]

In Atlanta:

Back at the house, a young Auburn fan witnesses her first Hail Mary TD. I think she was impressed.

[10 a.m. CST] The morning after (photos from Jer):

[8:50 a.m. CST] Available to the press.

On his team and family: “When I’m down in the dumps, they find a way to bring me up and get me going again.”

On the Hail Mary: “It worked to perfection.”

On the Heisman: “It’s an award that makes people legends.”

On the doubters: “It’s us versus them. It’s us versus the ‘we can’t’s … we just wanted to prove them wrong.”

[8:25 a.m. CST]

• The Associated Press had a man on Visor Watch.

He said it: “This will be your finest hour,” said Coach Gene Chizik before the game.

WKRG.com News

“The Cam Wagon done wiped ’em out. It’s all good. War Eagle!” War Eagle sir! War Eagle forever.

The story of one incredible touchdown and its receiver: “Gilmore was cooked. Adams suddenly turned and ran past the flat-footed corner and caught a 54-yard touchdown pass from Cam Newton, and Auburn had a 21-7 lead.”

• I think South Carolina fans know about “these 3 things” now.

[8 a.m. CST] Early shot across the bow. Ladies and gentlemen … this this is our opponent in Glendale. “… a new character created by Nike and some folks that have worked on big time Broadway shows with the blessing of the Disney folks by the way …”


This is the product of marketing “synergy,” folks. Disney+Nike+Oregon+Broadway=THIS. I’ll be linking to Roboduck early and often. Very, very often.

Movie producer and Ducks fan [chewing cigar of course]: “Johnson, I want you to do something with that Batman suit that Val Kilmer couldn’t fit into.”

Assistant Johnson: “…”

Movie producer: *Sigh* [Waving hand] “Just paint it yellow and green and ship it to Eugene. And what’s Nathan Lane doing nowadays? I think I have a new role for him.”

[7:45 a.m. CST] You are allowed to strut your stuff this morning … hell … for the rest of the year and part of the next. It’s in the “Official Fanatic Bylaws of the Southeastern Conference.” Stick out your chest. You sir and madam, are the proud fan of the SEC’s top team … your team and mine … the Auburn Tigers. 2010 SEC champs. Undefeated. But possibly the most hated team in the country. Whatever. I can live with it. Give ’em hell you War Damn Eagles!

Oooooohhhhh 360-degree shot of the celebration!

Hal Yeager — The Birmingham News

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