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Rheta Grimsley Johnson on paying players, Scootin’ Newton

At the end of her latest great column (in which she claims that the spectacles of Tim Tebow and OJ Simpson, the legend of Sullivan to Beasley, and even the miracles of Bo Jackson compare to the “space shuttle” that is Cam Newton “like surreys with fringe on top”), former Plainsman editor and syndicated columnist (and Charles Schulz biographer) Rheta Grimsley Johnson weighs in (at 250 lbs) on the issue of monetary compensation for college football players:

I’ve heard all the theories, jokes and snide remarks about Cam and his dad. I think the timing of the revelations explains more about what’s going on than any of the news reports. I don’t know what Cecil Newton said or did or what Cameron did or did not know. I don’t know, and neither do you. Not yet.

I know that college football is a boiling vat of boosters, money and hypocrisy. Those schools who can afford to be big-time are, the rest conveniently become scolds hiding in a library carrel and behind a Petri dish. Alabama during the Bill Curry years.

The only way to remove corruption from all the programs is to pay the players and quit pretending that academics are the reason these young specimens choose to sign letters of intent with one school or another. Saint Joseph Paterno might not agree, but many coaches would.

Cam Newton is at Auburn to play ball. And, by God, he’s doing it.

With it, Rheta finally shakes off the mantle of “The Bo Jackson” of Auburn journalism and becomes its Cam Newton… whose jersey she wore during the SEC Championship Game, the first she’s owned since her freshman year Pat Sullivan gear.

It’s worth reading.

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