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  1. THAT guy is an Auburn fan? I’m so ashamed.

    The motion is to disassociate Robert Gibbs… all in favor? AYE.

  2. So you support noted Bama fan Joe Scarborough over a fellow Auburn man? You should support Gibbs’ constant plugging of Auburn. It helps our national exposure. Any press is good press.

    If you want to get into politics, all Bammers should vote Dem in their own self-interest. They only do well when a Dem wins the White House 1992 – Clinton 2008/2009 – Obama.

    War Eagle, Mr. Press Secretary.

  3. Hey, DKin– I went into that very point a while back, in one of the earlier Wishbone columns. It’s far out.

    I’ll keep my politics out of my War Eagling– but I do live in Illinois. 🙂

  4. I hate it when I find out evil people are human beings too. Why can’t people be one-dimensional?

  5. I think I read that Gibbs went to NC State (but I guess he grew up in Auburn?). No room on the bandwagon for him.


  6. Yeah, even socialist tools have to have a favorite team…Gibbs as Auburn fan is more palatable than a mullet sporting, sweat-pants wearing, People of Wal-Mart photo subject, sidewalk fan of that other school.

  7. Rednecks:

    Gibbs was an Auburn High soccer goalie who went to NC State to pursue his dream of playing college soccer.

    Don’t display your political policy ignorance on college fanboards.

    He is pro-Auburn (his parents were staffers at AU).

    You’re acting like Bammers.

  8. Fine then, I suppose technically Gibbs is (via the man he’s a mouthpiece for) more of a Cultural Marxist-Leninist…socialist is such an easier short hand tag. Obama bought into Marx’s critique of capitalism (though he dances around the subject when questioned and gives vague answers filled with platitudes). He wants to “remake” America (though, with a softer form of revolution), yet certainly Mr. Obama believes that Marx was correct in that our current society is result of conflicts within society (class envy, racism, et. al.) Furthermore, he embraces Lenin’s twist on Marx: Obama bamboozles “the proles” with the whole “oppressed people” shtick.

    The stronger analysis may, in fact, turn to fascism based on his authoritarian style of “I know best” and “it must be done now”. Additionally, with all the TARP and the bailouts, Obama reflects the corporatist aspect of fascism. He is sorely lacking on the nationalist aspect though…

    Ignorance? Sounds like one of a thousand multifaceted discussions on the Concourse…

  9. War Eagle!!!!
    Why do you people have to bring politics into EVERY conversation!!!
    We KNOW you think W is the second coming of your beloved ghost in the sky!!
    Why must you insert your crap in EVERY conversation?!?!?!?
    This story is about FOOTBALL a GAME!!
    Jesus on crutches you people are psychotic!!

  10. Joe has been running down Auburn for years. He’s on Finebaum all the time whinning about Auburn. He called Tuberville a “classless jerk” and Auburn gradutes names I won’t even write. I don’t give a rats a** about Gibbs and his politics, but Scarborough deserves what he’s been dishing out.

  11. Curious that whenever anyone stakes out a harsh position on (or mere disdain for) Mr Obama , so many folks assume that equals unbridled adoration for all things W and/or GOP. Anyhow, last I read TWER covered a bit more that football…

  12. Scarborough is the biggest jerk in history. He typifies the guy who thinks he’s better than everyone and is better than no one. As a matter of fact, he is one-point less than me. 28-27.


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