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  1. Love this…my dad (who died 14 years ago) was at this pep rally! I imagine him there and know how much he would have loved the wonderful ride we’ve had this year. WDE!!!!

  2. Is it possible to get a downloadable copy of this audio? It would be great for our Auburn tailgate next week.

  3. Awesome audio clip – really cool to hear the old cheers (some of them still the same!) as well as the alma mater before the word revision – it’s the only reference to API in the whole clip! Also noticed that the fight song was still “hit em high, hit em low”…

  4. I wish some of the old cheers were available on a website *hint hint* I remember one pep rally I went to around 1999. Dr. Foy was there and he did an awesome old cheer that made fun of a lot of other teams. I remember references to rammer jammer and rocky top but not much else and internet searches have been fruitless. 🙁

  5. I was a freshman at Auburn when we won the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in 1957 and was it thrilling!! This year has been so exciting and it would be great to have another #1!!!!!!!!!!!! WAR EAGLE-BEAT BAMA

  6. Best audio clip I’ve heard since I got one of Coach Dye reading the Auburn Creed. You have to tell me where to download this!

  7. Yes there is an mp3 of the audio, but I would have to get permission from the author to post the link.

  8. I was a freshman and at the 1956 pep rally. Hearing this brought tears to my eyes; memories of the best years of my very full life. 1956 and 2010 both Very Good Years.

  9. Oh my gosh, cheering with those voices from so long ago gives me chills up and down my spine–and I cry every time I hear the Alma Mater–it makes me realize that every Auburn man and woman from the beginning of time through today and onward to the end of time are all one, all connected, all part of the same Auburn Family–and I, even as one small fan, am a PART OF IT ALL!!! WAR EAGLE!!!

    Michael Val
    (who says BEAT BAMA AND WIN IT ALL!)

  10. “Fight ‘Em Tigers”

    “Cheer the team that’s fighting for old Auburn’s fame, Back that team on ev’ry play, Even as the men who fought before they came, They will win again today. Fight with that old ‘pep,’ Tigers, The wearers of Orange and Blue! Keep up that old ‘rep,’ Tigers, The Southland is watching you, And when you march on that field, remember again, Plainsmen don’t yield so we’re bound to win. We’ll never give up, We’ll live up to all that’s before us, Woe to the foe for we’ll fight, fight, fight for Auburn our Alma Mater, Oh long may her colors fly! Let ev’ry man cheer louder the name of A.P.I.!”


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