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  1. what’s up with the politics? please leave that to other bloggers. i come here for football talk and entertainment. not fundamental life altering debates.

  2. Should have seen maybe 3-4 years ago. The same group put up pictures of aborted fetuses at like 1,2,& 3 months. Just ghastly. They had to cover it up and ask you if you would like to see it to make sure you would not be offended. Unfortunately I did have a look-see.

  3. This sort of event doesn’t seem effective. Pro-choice folks just roll their eyes and get put off and surely pro-life opinion isn’t really affected.

    If you’re going to preach to the choir, why not set up a loudspeaker on Cater Lawn that repeats “CAM IS GREAT! CAM IS GREAT!” in a booming voice?

  4. @cap: the actual quote is “Cam is great. Cam is great. There is no Cam but Cam and Mahlzahn is his prophet.”

  5. TWER has many posts that don’t pertain directly to Auburn sports.
    This is a photo of something unusual that happened today on Auburn’s campus. It was posted (apolitically) in the Village section, which is where current non-sports-related town ‘n’ gown content usually goes. If we upset anyone, we apologize.

  6. while there are non-sports posts on here, they aren’t likely to ignite a firestorm like this one. most of your other posts seem to be music related or at least auburn related. I’m not saying pull the post down. It’s your blog do what you want with it. Simply stating that this is a polarizing issue and we have many readers/posters that seem to get along on here. Why post something that could potentially tear that down and send people scurrying to other sports only blogs. Notice how all the above posters are avoiding it like the plague…and asking for you to stick to auburn/sports material. Again, it’s your blog and I don’t have to read it.

  7. I support your posting of this picture here. I think of this more of an online Auburn newspaper….not just a sports blog. That is why I like it so much.

    Stay awesome, TWER.

  8. So each cross represents 10 abortions performed EVERY DAY? That means there are more than 1000 abortions a day in the US, more than 365,000 per year. That seems like a really high number, can that be correct? Maybe it is a corss for every 10 performed world-wide?

  9. I don’t know what Dean Cater would think, but I know what I think. Thumbs down. Also thumbs down to TWER on this one. I know that there are things not related to AU sports on this site, but I’d much rather not see politics become a regular part of the place. The second that it does is the second I move on and stop recommending the site to others.

  10. It would be different if TWER actually took a position on the issue. All they did was post a photo of something happening on campus. I’m always curious what’s happening there, so I appreciate it.

  11. yea i was walking by yesterday as they were setting this up. i could just tell that something was going to ‘go down’

  12. Wow, what a great group- really showing the truth out there! People should really see stuff like this more often!

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