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The Gameday Post, Chattanooga — Focus on the field [Fulltime]

Via my absolute favorite Auburn spirit site. And one of my favorite Auburn books. No kidding. There’s a reason why I wanted TWER to have an illustrated tiger too. Aubie is Auburn spirit in ink. War Eagle!

Fulltime: The game is over… and guess what – Cam is still Cam. (And the kids still love him).

You want proof? Do you?

Ben and I are truly disappointed that our Auburn Tigers — all of them: Dyer, McCalebb, Shoulderpads Adams, Ziemba, T-Zac, Woody Paramore, Neil Caudle, Ryan Shoemaker, Mario Fannin, all of them — did not get 700 yards (had Justin managed to write a Friday Preview, I’m sure he would have said “Failure is: Less than 700 yards”). Because this game… sheesh, this game. It wasn’t just a Discovery Channel documentary of a Tiger devouring an antelope; it was a baby antelope, an antelope just born, with its eyes still closed, its breath still stunted. And it got killed. It got really killed. Killed so bad. I’ve been to some beat downs, some kickback and read a book blood-baths, but there was something almost icky to the dominance. You felt good, but guilty when Cam walked, strolled, loafed, loitered, decided to sure-why-not his way into the end zone for the third score. And with a minute left to go in the half, we were still gunning, still clawing, chewing. We are Auburn 2010, and we use every part of the animal.

As for this evening in Baton Rouge… another angel. Another set of wings. Greg fumbles. Les Miles picks up dirt and sticks it in his mouth on camera. It’s a great day to be an Auburn Tiger. Tomorrow will be a great day to be an Auburn Tiger. And the next. This is our time. Our time. Do not go up Troy’s bucket. I can’t fight this feeling anymore. — JDH.

Pregame 9:40 a.m. CDT: The late breaking didyahear? from yesterday has put the credibility of the story, as it pertains to the Newton’s and Auburn, even more in jeopardy…if such a thing were possible…

Has me almost willing to break out my “Islands in the Stream” 45 again.

Here’s Bitter’s official in-the-paper breakdown.

And here’s yesterday’s guerrilla interview with Newton’s smile before it boarded the bus for Montgomery. –JDH

Pregame 8:45 a.m. CDT: Injection of Awbun Tigah spirit.

Sound files. Smilin’ Jack says:


I love that one. This one too:


Campaign, inspirational signs/posters from Amy Quarles:

The story behind the above poster. Also, for the nerds.

Pregame 7 a.m. CDT: What an incredibly strange few days it’s been. I feel hurt. Angry. I guess this is my outlet. I’m gonna try and focus on the upcoming game and try not. to. think. about. my. hands. around. Florida. coach. throat. I hope our boys in orange and blue can find their own creative outlet. Poor Chatty Choo Choo. Speaking of, UTC is an old, old homecoming foe or “Band Day” foe. Any of you old timers want to clue me in on what “Band Day” is exactly? I’d guess the smart-ass answer would be: “Duh! The band is featured prominently at halftime dumb-dumb!”

According to wikipedia the Mocs have kept the same name since the 1920s, but the mascot has changed over the years. First it was a water moccasin (very cool, why’d they change?), then a moccasin shoe (nicknamed “The Shoe”) (meh), then a Cherokee Indian named “Chief Moccanooga” (that’s pretty good), and now they have “Scrappy” the train engineering mockingbird. “Scrappy” is named after their former coach A.C. “Scrappy” Moore.

As a Tennessee resident for a good chuck of my life, I’d have to say that all of the mascots WORK somehow (well, maybe not “The Shoe”). They are all very “Tennessee.” In fact, the mockingbird is perfect in my opinion. Have you ever seen one mad as hell attacking your pet for getting near their nest? They definitely are very, very, very scrappy. Some might say “feathered madness.” Ole Miss should have contacted UTC for pointers.

Also, our Facebook page broke 600 “likes” yesterday. Just last month I was trying to get us to break the 400 barrier. Wow. Thanks readers!!!

So in OTHER news, I’m beginning to have feelings (and not terrible ones) for a certain columnist employed by al.com. He helped Jeremy out on his Bo story (coming soon!) and now this:

Notice the hard-lined straight mouth hole that looks clamped shut with anger the whole time? Yeah, I’m a little conflicted. He was our voice during the interview. Back in a bit.

Oh, and interested in some Auburn art for the home? This will be unveiled at the game today. Proceeds help fund the raptor center. I think it’s beautiful, but I might be a bit slanted in my opinion. War Eagle! — J.M.

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