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Updating Points of Interest Distraction – 11.10

Coach Richt had other plans for Cam Newton

The AP this morning has this story on Mark Richt’s recruiting of Our Cam, saying that the coach thought he’d make a good tight-end in his scheme:

“I remember him. He was a very talented guy, a guy we did take a look at,” Richt said. “We actually had him pegged more as a tight end prospect. A lot of it had to do with what we like to do offensively. He was more of a fit at tight end for what we do. That’s no disrespect to his ability to play quarterback. He’s proven to be pretty darn good.”

Click here for the rest of the story.

Auburn spirit? Check. Alive and well. Beat Georgia.

Image via gloms.

Bigger’n’hell grill rolls into Auburn for the UGA game

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So this huge truck/grill/brat-roastin’ monster of metal will be at the Dean Road Kroger this Friday and Saturday. It grills up to 2,400 brats per hour (bph) and is at Auburn in support of the “Beat Bama Food Drive.” More info here.

Suppose it was inevitable

The rascals at The Prowl go Chris Cocker on Cam Newton:

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