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RPM: Smilin’ Jack likes his Bear … rrrrrrare!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Tigers, Plainsmen …

The ol’ clock on the wall says it’s time again for our dear ol’ friend and Lee County radio legend Smilin’ Jack Smollon. This week’s installment of Rah-rahs Per Minute, our series focusing on the vinyl (and other-formatted) sounds of Auburn Spirit too long relegated to the rotting Shasta box bulk-bins of our thrift stores and garage sales, is another one of … oh … 100 or so numbers salvaged from the Dumpster behind the old WJHO offices (now WANI) in Opelika.

It’s a special week of course and Smilin’ (and fightin’) Jack won’t let you down. Let’s just say the man was prolific when it came to the Iron Bowl. Of course, we’re saving some of his doo-wah ditty-ditties for next year (and the year after). So stick around and we’ll make it worth your while. Eventually.

The first selection this week is entitled “Skin the Bear.”

Click to enjoy:


Some of the highlights:

Oh Tigersssssss the time has come to skin a Bear go get you some …

Good ol’ Shug in Bir-ming-ham with sweet ol’ Bear in a jam … gonna beat … Alabam …

It’s a short one. Short and sweet. But just you wait ’til the end. Wait for it. The rafters shake from that “WAAAAAAAAAR EAGLE!” Gives me chills.

Next up is a jaunty little number entitled “Beat Bama on TV.”

Click it. Click it and win:


Beat Alabama on December 3! Beat Alabama take the SEC! Hail hail the gang’s all here for the Alabama Maaaaa-sssssa-creeee!

Auburn Tigers best in the land/Give them Tigers a great big haaaaaaand.

My favorite part is how Jack says “massacre.” Just like The Ramones on “Chainsaw Massacre.”

I also love the speedy guitar with the harmonica on this one. (Anyone have an idea what track this is that Jack is crooning over? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?)

Phil Neelness again via the treasure trove at Weagle Weagle.

… need more pep? Don’t forget the 1956 Beat Bama pep-rally. You can download the audio. It will blow your mind.

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