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R33SE returns with ‘War Cam Eagle’ – the rap

Da' Boss has replaced the "70-yard pass by Brandon Cox" with Cam Newton's "80-yard run".

The ante on Cam Newton songs just keeps getting upped, man. First we have legend in his own time Mark “Quarterback draw, y’aaaalllll” Stewart’s almost impromptu cover of Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” as “50 Ways to Win the Heisman” (please tell me you didn’t delete the AdSense revenue sharing email). Then Jason Christopher’s very Jason Mraz-ish (and very well-done – “you know he’s still got to save Me-trop-o-lis”) “Cam Newton for Heisman Song.”

And now R33SE, the one and only.

Don’t call it a comeback… ’cause he has been around and dropping Auburn spirit rhymes (ASR) every six months or so since his 2006 debut (which was the subject of  the horribly-written-I’m-not-even-going-to-link-it first post on the old blog).

But though it’s based as much on the subject matter as the music, he just hasn’t had a song with the potential to rattle the gameday windshields of College Street like they rattled in the “Let Me Hear Ya’ Say” glory days until “War Cam Eagle,” released yesterday.

“We had the 13-0 season but then there was some rough times and coaching changes and all this, it’s been hard for me to keep the music going.”

Cam Newton has made it easy.

“Have I seen anything like Cam Newton? No sir… not in my 23 years of living.”

In the song, R33Se raps about whether the Jordan-Hare crowd goes wilder for “an 80 yard run or is it Cameron’s smile?”

“I recorded it sometime last week,” says R33se (real name Maurice Kelley, Jr), who splits his time between his hometown of Harpersville and Birmingham.  “I had the hook in my head for a little while. I usually make my own beats but and I got a buddy of mine to make the beat for me.”

How does it measure up to Travis “T-Will” Williams “Tiger Walk”?

“I hadn’t really heard that song,” says R33Se, who these days pretty much only listens to Rick Ross and – like a boss – his own music. “That’s made by a former player right? I really haven’t heard it. My buddy goes down to the games told me about it. A fan wrote me on Facebook that it was up to vote on to be played before the games and said ‘why don’t you put one of your songs up.’ I was like, no, I’d rather a former player do it. It’d be more recognizable. More part of the Auburn family.”

But if there’s anything that could challenge T-Will’s current hip-hop hegemony on the Plains, surely it’s the thrill of listening to an eligibility-threatening chorus of “Lights, Cameron, Action” complete with shutter-click samples.

Eric Berry… eat your heart out. Eat it.

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