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Quick thoughts (and deep breaths) on Cam

Keep on truckin'.

Earlier tonight, as you might have heard, an ESPN.com article was posted that linked Cameron Newton’s name to allegations that a rogue agent of some sort approached Mississippi State during Newton’s recruitment and offered Newton’s services in exchange for cash. The article reported that the situation is under NCAA investigation, and has been for months.

You can read it all for yourself, but let’s get a few things clear. First off, Auburn University is not under investigation. The NCAA is investigating whether or not the “agent”, identified by ESPN as Kenny Rogers, approached Mississippi State with the offer, whether or not Mississippi State acted at all on the offer, and if Rogers actually was representing Newton.

OA-News beat writer David Morrison has confirmed from a source inside the Auburn athletic department that there are no allegations against Auburn.

There is no evidence nor even an accusation that Rogers ever contacted Auburn with a similar offer. We also know that Rogers is a Mississippi State graduate and former player, so it’s very possible that Mississippi State is the only place he brought the offer, or even could bring it (if he brought it at all).

We know that Rogers operates a company called Elite Football Preparation, which, apparently, matches high school athletes with college programs. We also know that he has gotten into some trouble before.

The actual allegation, as reported, is that Rogers told persons connected with Mississippi State that he could secure Newton’s commitment to the Bulldogs for $180,000, i.e. if Mississippi State paid Rogers the money, he would convince Newton to go there.

With all this in mind, the real question for us is whether or not the Newton family was actually involved with Rogers. Cecil Newton, Cam’s dad, has denied that it was and said today that he is fully participating with investigators.

While Auburn’s name isn’t attached to the story, Newton’s name certainly is.

But as it stands right now, Auburn fans have zero reason to panic. What exactly would happen were the Newtons found to have had past dealings with Rogers? I don’t know. But I do know that there is currently no evidence or even the suggestion that Auburn bought Cam Newton’s signature, or that Cam Newton asked Auburn to pay him for it.

All of the other rumors out there are just that: rumors.

Gene Chizik said earlier tonight on the Tiger Talk radio program: “I will say this loud and clear: Cameron Newton is eligible at Auburn University. Period. End of story.”

Yeah… somehow, I don’t think this is the end of the story. And hopefully it isn’t — hopefully the investigation will be completed and the truth will come to light. Soon. And hopefully, if Cam is cleared of any wrongdoing, this won’t stalk him through Google like a cheap laptop.

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