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Pumpkin pulls through, prays for pals

Need another feel-good story about the generosity of Auburn folk?

Some Auburn fans going to Oxford for last week’s game found a hurt puppy in the road, decided to rescue her, and are raising money – $750 so far – for her recovery.

Pretty cute dog, too:

And she blogs:

I’m out of surgery and doing well! Unfortunately, doc tells me that I didn’t have much bone in my rear knee so I’m going to have a bit of arthritis. However, with the help of Amy and Brian, I’ll get on my paws within a few weeks. Brian says he may even take me to work with him so that people can come say hi! I bet I’ll get lots of treats out of this!

I’m probably going to have to go back to the vet for more x-rays and to see if they can fix my knee a little better in about a month, but I should have the pins out and good to go in a couple of months with just a slight limp. It could have been worse!

Thank you everybody,

Now let’s get that dog some money!

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