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  1. Actually, that was a preview of what is about to happen when the NCAA comes calling. But as always, you guys will blame Alabama for it.

    Kinda like Nero setting Rome on fire and blaming the Christians. Sound familiar Aubies?

  2. So the NCAA is gonna come to Auburn and find nothing to really report or get excited about, and no punishment will be doled out? Yeah, that sounds about right…

  3. Who are you people? And why do you have so much time to troll Auburn websites?

    Sounds like someone needs a hobby, or a job…..

    Also… you’re a little inaccurate historically speaking…. hell, Wikipedia has more insight than you do apparently …. take some time to Google Nero and “The Great Fire of Rome” it will be better to actually know about something before spouting off information in an actually TERRIBLE analogy… but we’ll sidestep that.

    Nero was actually in the city of Antium, now Anzio, 35 miles south of Rome… the idea he caused the fire was a rumor seeing as how after the fire, obviously, after SOME people confessed, who HAPPENED to be Christians…. he persecuted them…
    It was also assumed he started the fire because, after the fact, Nero put a lot of his own money into rebuilding the city, housing the homeless and rebuilt the palace on the site of the fire, the Domus Aurea….
    ya….. learn to read….. durp durp

    Point being…. just walk away…. don’t come trolling…. you’ve been fed… now go back to sleep, don’t come back…. or I shall taunt you a second time.

  4. Come on, folks. Give jerky a break. It should be perfectly obvious that he only found his way here because two of his obsessions ran headlong into one another in the video posted earlier on this site.

    Nick Saban + spanking fetish = jerky’s ultimate fantasy

  5. It’s amazing how the scum comes out in force around this time every year.

    As far as the fire goes…isn’t there a webcam aimed at those trees at all times? Seems like that would provide some pretty good evidence…

  6. We are auburn and we will remain, nobody knows sh_ _ ! Rumors and accusations these DUMBA_ _ bama fans want to believe that are true probably have a about 99.9% truth too them! What they don”t want to believe is Cam and the AU company is coming too town to whip that a_ _ . Didn’t take long for the tide to turn. Back in the woodwork they go. Bunch of jealous people making up what they want to hear.Not just Bama but Florida,Miss State and a bunch of scummy people around this strong conference that wants a damn buck or two! But for now get ready cause you don’t know anything but were coming! Forever WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Van P,

    Thanks for kind offer and I think I will visit again very soon. I hope you’ll truthfully inform the “cult” what is about to happen to your “family”. My guess is that a number of the Aubie Board of Trustees have filled up hours of wiretap tapes speaking of dirty deal with not only athletes but with Alabama legislator members. The NCAA problem will be a pin prick compared to what’s coming. But that’s just my opinion. Here’s a well written article by Paul Davis, a real journalist.

  8. Listen friend, you’re barking up the wrong tree. About 80 percent of the readers here are giddy about Lowder and any of his cronies falling on their face too. We’ve read that one back in, what, June? Thanks for pointing out the old news.

  9. Are you seriously bringing up Lowder? HAHAHA Wow…. that’s like bringing up Taft ….. He’s still relevant, RIGHT??!?!??&^(&^(%^&*%$


    I’m pretty sure nobody here gives a shit about Bobby Lowder… fail harder

    you obviously have no clue what year it is…. ummmmm move on? please?


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