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Mark “Quarterback draw, y’aaaalllll” Stewart returns with “Heisman Man”

The Cam-for-Heisman creativity of Mark “Quarterback draw, y’aaaalllll” Stewart knows no end; he promised another song (some rendering of Neil Diamond’s “Solitary Man,” he said) and he delivered… this time with stiff-arm choreography and Vestavia Hills-trained trombone skills. And with a chorus that spoke straight to my “Bo forever” heart:

I think that’s it’s time, I think it’s fine, I think it’s holy.
There’s room in the case, there’s a place for another trophy…
engraved with the name of “Cam”. A stiff-armed hand. Heisman Man.

I think it’s holy, too.

Thanks, Mark. Thanks a lot.

Quarterback draw, y’all.

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