Disgracing journalism with Schlabach + feeding the 5,000 with Newton = Homecoming Fun with YouTube!

BEFORE THE GAME: Mark Schlabach did not get the customary “glad y’all folks are with us, drive safe” from Auburn fans on Saturday – or at least this Auburn fan (is that the guy from the airport?):

AFTER THE GAME: Wish the above treatment had been reserved for Thayer “Hatchet Job” Evans and the hit piece he rode in on. Does this video of Cam Newton walking back to his scooter after the game look like folks were in a “subdued mood” to you, “Thayer”? People are straight up daring each other to run up and touch his garments, all Mark 5:28-style. (And when he turns around, it’s like he even knoweth that virtue hath gone out from him). Thayer — have you ever been to a homecoming game?

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