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Azure Ray might cry at a football game (if you could ever drag them to one)

We meant to post this before the Iron Bowl, and as a preview of their show last week at the Bottletree in Birmingham. Better late than never.

Azure Ray’s Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink.

Maria Taylor was still in bed when I called a couple of months ago. She was back in Los Angeles visiting Orenda Fink, the other half of recently reunited dream pop damsels Azure Ray, and hung over from one of those big city nights that she’d grown so fond of over the years and missed after moving back to her hometown of Birmingham (she currently lives in Homewood with her mom, or next door to her mom… or something).

It was a fun conversation.

In addition to eulogizing the music industry— the rock band business model that earned Taylor and Fink a right place, right time contract with Geffen Records in the mid-90s via their Veruca Salt-inspired, Alabama School of Fine Arts-born band Little Red Rocket is all but extinct—we talked about football.

TWER: Do you like football?

I could care less.

Did you grow up leaning one way or another?

No, we’re pretty split. My mom’s side likes Auburn and my dad’s side likes Alabama. And I don’t get any of it.

Have you ever been to a football game?

No, never, but I do have some friends now who are very into football and are trying to get me into going. But it’s like, tickets are a hundred dollars, there’s no f***ing way I’m going to pay that much money to watch a bunch of guys wrestle each other.

Are they are Auburn or Alabama fans?

Oh, they’re Alabama fans, big-time.

Don’t go, then.

OK. I won’t.

These days, do you think football might be a more acceptable pursuit among the kinds of folks I’m imagining your friends being? Among folks in, you know, hip circles?

Yeah, I think so. I think that… I mean, I don’t judge anyone if they’re into football. I wouldn’t see anyone as uncool or anything if they’re into it. I love to feel the energy in places, so I’m sure if I went to a game I’d probably start crying I’d love it so much.

Have you ever been to Auburn?

Yeah, a couple of times. I think Little Red Rocket played there a few times. I think it was at a place that only served fried chicken.

Go here to download Azure Ray’s new album “Drawing Down the Moon” for just five dollars.

Here’s a story I wrote on them for San Diego City Beat.

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