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Angry alums with horns

We comin'.

Is it a deliberate snub from Alabama? Is it Auburn’s attempt to “rally the troops” with reverse psychology?

Either way, be it by Bama’s action or inaction, another log has been thrown on the fire of destiny:

There will be a Tiger Walk

It will bigger than it ever would have been. And unless this call to arms from former members of the Auburn University Marching Band falls on deaf ears, it will have a soundtrack, albeit unofficial:

Attention former members of the AUMB. If you have an instrument and you are going to the Iron Bowl Friday please meet at the intersection of Wallace Wade Avenue and Bryant Drive on the South End of Bryant-Denny across from the cemetery.  The current AUMB isn’t able to play at Tiger Walk on Friday “due to the new configuration of Bryant-Denny Stadium.” Bring and instrument at 11:00am and War Eagle!

This is a fan base already backed in a corner, a fan base being told if their team loses, every other team wins, a fan base that seriously might have created some future Wikipedia entry on crowd control disasters had their ears not filled with “Cam Newton-n-n-n” during the starting lineup announcements at the Georgia game.

We all remember what happened when there wasn’t a Tiger Walk in Knoxville last year:

For the Iron Bowl? Angry alums with horns?


Thanks to Darren Kinnaird for the tip.

And former band members: oil those valves and soak them reeds and get thee to the showdown. We need you.

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