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All Nell breaking loose

You’re not the only one having a hard time concentrating on your job.

From the O-A News:

Auburn women’s basketball coach Nell Fortner even jumped to Newton’s defense when being interviewed for her team’s upcoming season opener against Mercer on Friday.

She wore Newton’s No. 2 jersey to the interview.

“This is our family. It’s time to step up — and for everyone else to start stepping up — and say, ‘Hey, man,’” Fortner said. “This story has no legs, and it’s ridiculous it’s gone on this far.

“That’s my opinion, and I’m just ready to step up and say, ‘Hey. Enough’s enough.’”

Here’s a picture of Nell rocking said officially-licensed Cam jersey at the Tiger Walk before the Clemson game. We thought it apropos. (There are more here).

Photo by Zac Henderson

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