Tchaikovsky says “Beat Bama”

The idea is nothing new, but cellist Charles Wright, head honcho of The Auburn Quartet, has finally given the Iron Bowl it’s proper soundtrack, and with it TWER begins Beat Bama week.

Charles has also set AUHD’s fantastic highlight video to new music, Sir William Walton’s Spitfire Prelude to be precise:

The Auburn Quartet  is currently working on a classical-ized version of The War Eagle Fight Song, true story.

BEAT BAMA WEEK: TWER is putting the posting petal to the metal in the homestretch of this tweet-your-grandchildren of a season, cranking out content to stir the soul and build the bile in the remaining days before the Iron Bowl. So far we have Tchaikovsky says “Beat Bama”… and that’s it. But let’s not forget The Case of The Pea Green Tigers, nor last year’s promising but ultimately cut-short collection celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Iron Bowl first coming to Auburn.

BEAT BAMA FOOD DRIVE: Greg McElroy hasn’t lost a food drive his entire time at Bama. Make sure he loses this year.

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