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  1. I’ve been saying this all week: All those previous #1 teams lost to ranked opponents – each with one (South Carolina, Wiscky) or zero (Mizzu) losses. Ole Miss is a long way from that ilk.

    Bur regardless, if Auburn isn’t focused and thinks the game will be easy, they will lose. Somehow, I don’t think Chizik will let that happen.

    Handle bidness thiss weekend and then the boys get ample time to prepare for Amen Corner.

  2. Just a correction: Cam is NOT the Hulk. If Superman wears Tebow pajamas, the Tebow on those pajamas wears Cam Newton pajamas.

    Besides, when Dr. Banner gets mad, he becomes the Hulk. When the Hulk gets mad, he becomes Nick Fairley.

  3. sullivan013, I’d seen the Superman one in another message board recently (you might have been the one who posted it), but I hadn’t seen the Hulk/Nick Fairley reference. That’s pretty funny, right there.

  4. Got to remember that when Cam carries the ball 25 times a game he is also carrying out fakes often getting hit on most of the other 50 play of the game. A big running back can carry the ball 25 times and then take a series off and rest a while…which the reason why backs like Dyer are still fresh in the fourth quarter. I think Gus is doing a good job of spreading Cam’s carries throughout the game to keep him fresh for the last quarter too.

  5. Plexico, how is Tennessee not lumped in with Vanderbilt? If Vandy beats UT next month, do they get a reprieve from The Wretched?

  6. I may get snapped back to reality this week, but I really think this team just has the intangibles and chemistry to take them very far. Both Fairely and Newton have spent time in JUCO purgatory. I don’t think they want this opportunity to pass them by. Yes, we will get a good shot from the Rebel Bears.
    Keys to victory:
    1) win the turnover battle
    2) continue to improve on tackling
    3) no huge drive killing/extending penalties

  7. Just the part about fairley alone makes me feel a heck of alot better about this game, but it’s all encouraging:

    Two other things readily appear in regards to Auburn’s personnel.

    First, Nick Fairley is a big issue for offensive lines. Who will be going up against him? Let’s check the starting lineup from last week: C Evan Swindall (true freshman), RG A.J. Hawkins (sophomore, moved from center, was injured not long ago), and LG Patrick Junen (true freshman, came to campus as walk-on). That could be a problem.

    Second, Cameron Newton is a big issue for defenses. We know the numbers aren’t great for Ole Miss’s defense, but is there more to the story? Let’s check the AP wire for some headlines and… oh. Oh dear. “Rebels’ defense looks to solve tackling woes.”

  8. Mac– If UT is that bad, beating them probably won’t give Vandy enough of a boost in the Wishbone Computer (a Commodore 64 with a wonky hard drive) to move up. 😉

    What say you, John?

  9. I feel that the wretched does not have to be only one team. There could certainly be more than one wretched SEC team. Heck, if this was the Big East there would be a lot of teams listed there.

    I would not have a problem moving ‘ze Germans’ down to the wretched if Vandy beats them. Heck, I almost did that in the second half of the UT-bama game they were playing so poorly.

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