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The Tiger With No Name vs. Rebel Adm. Ackbear?

Jeremy suggests y’all come up with your own caption for this one in the comments below. I concur! Happy Halloween Ole Miss!

Contest reminder: What should we call The Tiger With No Name? Do any of you loyal readers have a good suggestion? If so, send it in to us and if we like it, we’ll unveil our tiger’s name during the week leading up to the Iron Bowl. The prize? A work of original art of course! (Unframed, because we’re not made of money around here.)

Here’s the rules, to avoid a big hassle on us just send in one entry per person. (So you had better think a’while on this name before sending something in.) If there is somehow multiple entries of the same name we’ll pick the e-mail that got to us first. The subject line to the e-mail should be “Name the tiger.” Please include the name for the tiger plus your name, address and a phone number. The cutoff for entries will be at the end of the day Wednesday, Nov. 10. Please send them to [email protected]

Just to make sure you don’t waste a good name, here’s some of the suggestions already sent in (they appear in no particular order) and go here to see the names suggested in the comments last week:

Mean Gene
Loachapoka or Loachie
Toomer the Tiger

… and more! Keep ’em coming y’all! War Eagle!

Illustration by Noah Van Sciver. Why don’t you check out his very funny comic book “Blammo” too?

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