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  1. Oh I don’t know. Bama hasn’t played a running QB yet. I think that some option action might prove successful for Ole Miss. If they can sucker up those young secondary players, bombs downfield open up big. Gee I wonder who runs an offense that’s sort of like that.

  2. I knew that Florida would not be ready for bama. South Carolina could have the class to hang with them, but it’s going to come down to Garcia making plays against bamas secondary

  3. While this post wasn’t quite Jerry-esque, it still left me with a smile on my face. Nice job!
    Bama can be beat, they just keep getting better, and better. Scary as that sounds, I won’t give up on this staff against Saban’s staff ever!


  4. Yeah actually Garcia is fully capable of executing some scrambling, too. Lattimore’s going to need a big day though if they are going to not get blown out of the stadium.

  5. Like most QBs, if Garcia doesn’t do stupid things his team can win.

    Fortunately two weeks ago and unfortunately this week, Garcia likes to do stupid things.

  6. couple thoughts:
    USC v BAMA- Tide probably rolls, BUT sc could pull this off. They are at home for one. Second, Alshon Jeffrey could abuse bama if garcia has some time. If they get jeffrey going then it opens up for lattimore. Probably not going to happen, but it’d be nice. Lattimores big day in the georgia game is diminishing in value every time UGA takes the field. And making me drool over what Dyer and Co might do to them.

    AU v UK- sure it’s at commonwealth, but this AU team remembers what happened last year. The UK offense is putting up some #s, BUTTTT their D is horrible. I found a stat today that said their opponents have scored TOUCHDOWNS on the last 12 consecutive redzone trips. Another said that they are allowing opponents a 100% conversion rate in the redzone.
    My confidence is up. We are going to punish them in every conceivable way. Hopefully we can rest some guys again in the second half, but that is probably asking too much.

  7. I really thought The Hat’s luck at finally run out, but, just like I predicted towards the end of the 4th, there was some ridiculous event that allowed LSU to steal a win from Tennessee.

  8. Yes, we will be able to score on UK.

    Thank you Captain Obvious.

    The problem is going to be containing those offensive weapons they have. They are also coming off 2 tough losses, and may try to turn it around at home. They had over 400 yds offense at Ole Miss (yes I know they lost to Jack State and gave up 38 to Freson St.) and lost because of turnovers. They put up over 350 total on UF (which may be discounted after this weekend).

    I just see this as being a potential shootout. I may be wrong, and I hope I am

  9. Am I crazy, but I thought Caleb King was turning to pitch the ball back for a flea flicker. Horrible fumble.

    Tennessee is pretty stupid too.

    Florida help bama to only 243 yards of offense? Wow! Let’s hope Bates and Stephens work the rest of practice on stop those picks and screens.

    Should we hold a party Saturday night? I only like doing that when I know AU is going to win, since I could easily throw people out if we turn the ball over or let Cobb/Locke turn nickels and dimes into Benjamins.

  10. @ bodagetta, no need for name calling. It’s one thing to say we will score some points. IMO it is quite another when you discover your SEC opponent has given up 12 straight redzone TDs. As far as their O goes, yes they have some weapons, but according to the blogs I’ve read from their fans (take with a grain of salt) they aren’t getting the ball in Cobb’s hands enough (12 touches/game last year versus less than 8 this year), they have turnover issues, and penalty issues. It would be obvious to say that whichever team wins the turnover and penalty battle will likely win the game. That dynamic changes when their D collapses in the redzone and our D allows opponents 7 pts or less in the second half of each game.

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