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  1. Yep, reminds me of how the Clemson game week played out with all the fan talk of Game Day, potential uniform color combinations, dismissing the opponent as “Oh, they’re just an ACC team”, etc.

    At least this time, I have no concerns over the team coming out flat.


  2. Need to change the pic and cap. I’m superstitious like that. You are showing a pic of us punting and saying not much else need be said… like LSU will have us punting all day. Miles has gotten to you too 😉

  3. Ok boys, so I’ve done some of the math that tends to get me into trouble.

    A lot of talk has been made about the SEC’s #1 D going against its #1 Offense. I thought I’d look at the comeptition each has faced.

    I took an average national ranking each team’s opponents in offense and defense per game for both yards and points.

    First let’s look at each team’s strength (Auburn’s offense and LSU’s Defense):
    Auburn’s opponents to date average a national defensive ranking of 62.
    LSU’s opponents to date average a national offensive ranking of 81.

    So Auburn’s offensive credentials have been earned against stiffer competition than LSU’s defensive credentials.

    Now each team’s weakness (Auburn’s D and LSU’s O):
    Auburn’s opponents to date average a national offensive ranking of 54.
    LSU’s opponents to date average a national defensive ranking of 50.

    Not a lot of separation there, but a slight edge to LSU. But given the fact that Auburn’s defensive issues are concentrated on the passing game (Auburn is #15 in run D) and what success LSU has had has been in the running game, I think this is a favorable matchup for Auburn.

  4. “Honesty, if Auburn wins Saturday, the West — with LSU hosting Alabama in a couple of weeks — will probably already be clinched before the trip to Tuscaloosa.”

    I’ve been disappointed in the way Alabama still seems to be the media favorite to win the West — bowl projections at both ESPN and CBS among others out them in the Sugar with us getting a Fiesta or Orange at-large bid — but that is a limb I am not quite willing to go out on. I’m much more confident about them losing that game in Baton Rouge than I would be if LSU was going to Tuscaloosa but I think that’s far from a foregone conclusion, especially if we’re hoping to “expose” LSU this week as a strongly overrated team relying on incredible luck and getting too much credit for beating Florida. Not to mention that I think we should be more concerned about how Georgia matches us with us than we currently are. Hope you’re right but I’ll be waiting for this chicken to hatch.

  5. War Eagle from Baton Rouge…

    Imagine living with these people year round.

    There’s actually a restaurant in the Mall of LA food court called “Corndog Express”. No joke. Actually, I should have taken a picture of it and sent it into this blog. Maybe next year….


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