Glam Newton, Glint Mosely, and other Halloween Horrors on the Plains (updating)

The Auburn Football team had a Halloween party tonight. And a costume contest. (Mario Fannin won an iPad for dressing up as… Lorenzo Charles? Dominique Wilkins?)

Too blessed to be dressed…

The team responds to slipping to #2 in the BCS.

Glam Newton. Glint Mosely.

Bart Eddins.


Hot Carter as Usain Bolt.

Chris Humphries as Kevin Yoxall.

Mario Fannin.

Ryan Pugh as Lt. Dangle.

The Kickers.

Auburn QB's, minus Neil "Mr. Potato Head" Caudle.

All photos (except the top, via FOTP, and the QB’s, via, and the last shot by Lutzenkirchen) via the intrepid @TZAC81AU

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