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Game Day – Arkansas (hair of the dog edition)

Photos and video via Auburn man, Kenny Smith.

War Eagle! Good morning Tiger fans! Will we see our team crack the Top 5 today in the polls and BCS rankings? I like the sound of “top-ranked Tigers” myself. Auburn is officially too big to ignore. Thanks to Mississippi State and (especially) Kentucky for helping us out during our pew (today) and water-cooler (tomorrow) arguments.

Here’s some photos that Kenny Smith sent in last night that I hope you’ll enjoy. I’d like to thank all the folks that sent in photos yesterday. I know that I really appreciated it since I’m miles and miles away from the Plains. I hope others did too. It’s just nice to see the Auburn Spirit in action.

Oh, and 120 comments (and counting) on “The Gameday Post”?!?! Is that a record? Thanks for chiming in readers!

I had some very close friends and fellow Auburn fans over to the house and we had BBQ and fixin’s from Andy Nelson’s Barbecue just north of Baltimore. It’s amazing food (you should check it out if you find yourself in the area and have had your fill of crab cakes) and comes with quite the BBQ pedigree. Andy Nelson is from Limestone County, Ala., where his dad practiced the craft for years. Nelson played college ball for the Memphis Tigers and the Super Bowl-winning Baltimore Colts with Auburn’s own Zeke Smith. Here’s the thing about the BBQ joint: You’ll call me crazy, but Andy Nelson’s has the best catfish I’ve ever eaten in my life. It’s smoked catfish. Crazy good. Anyway, after that digression … on with the video clip and photos!

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