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Checkin’ in

Hey guys. It’s me, Jerry. Been a cuh-razy couple of weeks out here. Did I miss anything?

Actually, I know I didn’t miss a whole lot. Just the sort of delicious cupcake mashing that harkened back to ye olde Pat-Dye’s-Auburn-teams-take-on-Pacific days. I figure this is the best sign I’ve got that our little WarBlogEaglet is well on her way towards full-blown Auburn fandom; she was due to arrive the week of the LSU game, and of course could have shown up the week of the South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, or Ole Miss games. Instead she arrived the one week out of five where I could miss the game almost entirely (I watched the high points against Monroe a day or two later on DVR) and still feel like I hadn’t missed out on much. It was like a bride picking out a bye week for her fall wedding. She’s going to be AUll right, I’m thinking.

Anyways, she and the Mrs. WBE are home, happy, and healthy, and it goes without saying that’s all that really matters on this end. Still, the past nine days have been nearly as exhausting as exhilarating, so you should know it’s going to be a few more days before I make a regular return to this space. I’m hopeful to have something to say before the Kentucky game and I’ll chime in with the occasional thought next week, but you’ll mostly be in the very capable hands of Amorak, Justin, John, Thor, Van, and the rest of the awesome TWER crew–for which I owe some major thanks for their work here to-date–for another few days of paternity leave.

Thanks to all of you for your patience and of course your tremendous support. It means a freaking ton. Becaus I can’t help myself, a handful of ULM observations, apologies if they’ve been covered elsewhere:

— So much for that shoulder brace not holding Fannin back or hampering his ability to carry the ball, huh? Let’s have that version the rest of the year, please.

— I know I’m not the first person to say this, but unless he injures himself, you can forget about Nick Fairley staying around for his senior season. Tackles who play like this don’t last long enough in the draft for him to risk another year. Not that it hasn’t been worth watching him play like this.

— The other nice thing is that a defensive line of Lemonier, Whitaker, Carter, and Eguae as coached by Tracy Rocker won’t be half-bad next year. Hell, it wouldn’t be half bad today.

— I can’t think about the Cam Newton Tebow-esque “play action just by leaning forward” phenomenon without drooling. But maybe we should have saved that play with Blake for another week?

— Ted Roof’s defenses against the likes of ULM aren’t even vanilla. “Vanilla” is way too strong a word. They’re more like … sand? Does that work? As in “Auburn’s defense stayed sand the entire game.” Yeah, that’s better.

See you soon.

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