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Cam Newton, Leadership Consultant

Be like Cam Newton in 10 easy steps!

Cam Newton is not only racking up “better than” comparisons to Tim Tebow on the football field, he’s apparently on the verge of filling Tebow’s shoes as the next sports hero of Christian internet marketing.

Dominating the Twitterverse’s “Cam Newton” search-field this morning is a link to the website of “church stewardship & leadership consultant” Brian Dodd, who has extrapolated 10 life-lessons for leaders from 10 Cam Newton quotes:

No one in college football is performing at a higher level than Cam Newton. Leaders, let’s learn from his life and apply the lessons from these quotes so that we can also perform at an unmatched level in our area of discipline.

Going from the free Gatorade at Florida to the free labor at Blinn God can only use a person to the level that they have been broken.”

Plugging his ears to Heisman talk“Leaders focus on team goals rather than personal ones.”

Auburn as a family atmosphere“Great organizations are characterized by a strong sense of community.”

Here’s hoping Dodd will have the chance to build a weight loss system around Newton’s decision to “resist the temptation” of the 2011 NFL Draft.

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