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An announcement

Hey guys. Could you take a seat? This’ll only take a minute.

You may have noticed that I’d expected this to be the week I made a return to my usual couple-of-posts-a-day blogging rate. You may also have noticed that I haven’t posted a thing since Sunday.

I wish I was here to tell you this was just more adjustment to a baby-dictated schedule and that things were back to normal, starting now. Wait: no, if I’m honest, I don’t wish that. Because the reason my absence has been extended is that I’ve been hired as a national college football blogger by CBSSports.com. They’re paying me real money and everything. Speaking exclusively from a personal standpoint, it’s a sweet deal.

But from a War Blog Eagle standpoint, it’s a lot less sweet. If it was just the new gig, or if it was just the new family member, I’d be a lot more confident about keeping WBE service up to something approaching its usual levels. But between both …

… well, between both, I’ll just be frank: there’s not going to be nearly as much content from me around these parts. I’m sorry. I really do wish the timing could have been better–the middle of Auburn’s most exciting season since Cadillac and Jason and Ronnie and Marcus and Carlos were around, with Auburn’s most dynamic single player since [pick a date] staring down a legitimate run at Auburn’s third Heisman trophy, is when I’d like to be writing more about Auburn football, not less. But the CBS gig just isn’t the sort of opportunity I could pass on, for reasons I think are obvious.

Before we get any farther, let me make this much clear: I am NOT saying goodbye. I love this site, our readers, and the amazing football team we all share far, far too much to give it up completely. I’m always going to have tons and tons to say about Auburn that won’t have a home at CBS; whenever I find the time, you’re going to read some of it right here. I’ll have a couple of things up before the LSU game, come hell or high water. And of course, the rest of the guys here at TWER will be doing their usual brilliant thing.

But for the time being, at least, I’m not going to be able to chime in more than occasionally. That’s not what I’d like. And I do apologize for it. But it is what it is, and I’m sure you understand.

I’ll be back maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. ‘Til then: War Eagle. Cam for Heisman. And above all, thanks so much for reading … now, and going forward.

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