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Ziemba probably OK, etc.

As you might expect, there have been whispers leaking today regarding Lee Ziemba’s knock on the knee; as you might or might not expect, thoswe whispers have been of a positive “yeah, he’ll be back for Clemson” sort.

And now (via our own Justin Lee), comes something like confirmation from the man himself:

So, that’s awesome, both from the “our best offensive lineman” standpoint and the “chase for the all-time Auburn starts record” standpoint. Even more awesome, though, is knowing that if something does happen again, Brandon Mosley will be able to take up the slack for at least a little while.

UPDATE: And now this…

Two more links for your Friday afternoon:

— SI’s Andy Staples was on hand for the game and caught Auburn’s team singing “Lean On Me” in unison at the end of the game. Dude, whatever happens on the football field, we already know that our team is way, way more unironically sincere than yours. And that’s a good, likable thing.

— Do you like dinosaurs? Do you like hipsters, or at least know one, or are one? You must click here.

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