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When WBE isn’t enough

I’ve tried to keep the content churning here at the blog the last week or so, but if you’ve read it all (twice!) and are desperate for even more from your humble Auburn Blogger … really? I’m flattered!

But seriously, I’ve answered the Q&A call at a couple of other places this week, and if you’re so inclined, I’d suggest giving them a look.

One: At the ACC and SEC blog, where I discussed fun, Clemson, respect for Malzahn the wideouts, expectations, etc. A sample:

[T]he Auburn faithful are probably more excited for this season than any since 2006, and arguably any since 2003. (I wish I could have picked two other years, since both of those Auburn teams finished a little shy of their preseason expectations, but oh well.)

It’s not necessarily because we expect to win the SEC or go to a BCS bowl–though I think the majority of us would at least expect to be in contention going into the annual Georgia-Alabama “Amen Corner”–but because the dynamism of this staff, the likability of the players, and more than anything the potential thrill of this offense as directed by Gus Malzahn promises to be more fun than anything Auburn fans have seen since Tommy Tuberville’s 2004-2005 heyday.

Two: The new al.com blogger roundtable has turned out … well, kind of sweet, if you ask me. Several of the Tide responses–most notably Ell’s from BSR, I’d say–have been legitimately informative, and of course our own Kenny Smith dropped some serious knowledge last night.

Anyways: my entry is here, dealing mostly with the Auburn cornerbacks and some with present and future Games Worth Watching.

Enjoy. More stuff in this space soon.

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