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Updating Points of Interest – 9.29

— From the high definition den of Kenny Smith: ESPN had a bad case of Bama on Saturday night with a fever so severe they thought it was 2009…. or something.

— Speaking of Kenny Smith, here’s a 60 second video he took Saturday from within the student body. It is a bit conceptual, granted, but why not. Also, Aubie surfed right by him.

— there are some new Wear Eagle shirts available:

And from the somehow-too-lewd-for-ESPN mind of Hunter-Gatherer:

Go here.

— A reminder: deadline for our ‘It’s Who You Know’ photo contest and ticket giveaway is 7 p.m. tomorrow. Two tickets to the La.-Monroe game hang in the balance.

— And speaking of La.-Monroe, allow me to share some old photos of my 2008 road trip to / through Monroe (which you can read about in the old country):

— Be sure to check out the War Blog Eagle schedule update if you haven’t already. Officially went into effect just after midnight, 5 lbs, 12 oz. Working on a diaper fund.

— Via Will Collier:

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