Points of Interest – 9.6.2010

We’re not sure if anyone noticed, but “Auburn Football” was the second-most searched for term Saturday night according to Google Trends; interest in the 22nd-ranked team in the country’s dispatch of a supposed cupcake was “On Fire” and came in just behind curiosity about the #4 ranked Horned Frogs, and beat out misspelled searches specific to the defending national champions’ blow-out of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute (or was it Birmingham High School?) by four spots.

Justin provides us proof (click to enlarge):

Kenny Smith‘s tribute to Cam Newton’s relaxing 16-yard scramble:

Ten minutes of video and commentary on the fire at The Village started after someone put charcoal in the dumpster:

Terrell Zachery pantsing Philip Pierre-Louis before the game: a Byron Isom film (you can rotate the video):

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