Points of Interest – 9.9.2010

OK, so the mysterious tweeting billboard had second thoughts as to the propriety of it’s response to the advertorial cheap shot from the MSU baristas. So we’ve taken down the screen shot of it’s score prediction (still… here’s hoping Taylor’s or The Gnu’s Room announces Dawg Blood Peaberry as a new latte option tomorrow – roast of origin: Starkville).

In its stead we present you something… something almost unbelievable. I mean, seriously. Seriously? To quoth Kelly Kapur: are the parents of Bama’s copy editor first cousins who also couldn’t spell Mississippi? Because it’s misspelled TWICE on today’s front page of TuscaloosaNews.com’s TideSports Extra site.

We are seriously at a loss for (correctly spelled) words. (Via, I think.)

Here’s what the Auburn Creed sounds like when recited in Afghanistan:

Why put the finer-points-of-hip-hop vs. whatever-gets-the-fans-moving argument about the tunnel entrance video to bed when you can just keep feeding it candy? (Like an aerial view of the student’s reaction to “All I Do Is Win.”)

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