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  1. I was there for the Orange Jersey bustin’ out party….. The student section went crazy!! But the older and hopefully wiser me would prefer to see any Alternate to the standard AU color scheme to just stay in the prototype stage and never see the lights of the field. Hard to improve on perfection.

  2. I hear you to some degree. Everyone sure was down with what Georgia was doing (against Auburn I remember) untill they ran into a BETTER football team (Alabama), with BETTER coaches. I think the blackout was used as an excuse, at the True Blue would be if Auburn were to falter. As a former player I can tell you that this kind of stuff gets you fired up, especially when there hasn’t been much change. I do agree that this should be a once a year kind of thing, and never against a big rival. There is definitely something going on here. I think you gotta take the denials with a huge grain of salt because if they admit any changes, there will be a huge backlash from the older alumni before the game in an effort to stop it. Until they run on the field for the game, I won’t be sold something isn’t up. We shall see, bottom line is we need to win the game though. WDE!!

  3. Change is good sometimes….I would not mind seeing all blue….Ive been calling for blue pants for years….Never occured to me to get blue helmets as well….Heck I even want to see orange jerseys again….Why not go super throwback and have them wear sweaters

  4. Is it just me, or does that blue helmet look like a minature? See how the size of the helmet compares to the guy’s hand? Only head that could fit is an Alabama grad’s. 🙂

  5. I don’t care what they wear, as long as they beat the mess out of the other team and look dominant doing it. This “don’t mess with tradition” BS is for old people who got old before their time maintaining the status quo. We’ve got great uniforms and they aren’t going to dematerialize if we break out an alternate uni a couple of times a year. It’s fun, and for the record that helmet looks awesome (and small, as others have noted).

  6. Well said. This post is pretty much exactly how I feel about this situation. Especially the part about not doing this when it’s a big rivalry game.

  7. I’m usually very progressive w my attitudes about such (ex… I like the DJ Khaled/Hands go UP for the students), but… no. Not on this stage against anybody of significance.

    Next time AU plays Presbyterian, or the Citadel, or some other team that has NO, none, not even the tiniest little bit of a chance of a victory they can break out an alternate uni. Sell some more/different jerseys as a result. Make some cash for athletics so they can pay for a bigger bus for the gamma version of Tiger Prowl (or whatever they replace it with).

  8. Luke, sorry, not particularly–it’s standard-issue blogspeak (at least, I think it is) for “I am acting like an old person.” Not that I’d be above making an Auburner reference, of course. we’re all big fans here.

    2x, I totally agree I’d rather see this the week of the Chattanooga game. But the coaches may feel like with the national TV audience and all the recruits around, this is the week to make the big splash.

  9. I have to agree, I think this is twofold. Auburn is coming off a win against Miss State in which the pundits doubted us. Now that they’ve proven themselves and everyone expects us to pull off the W this week, Chizik doesn’t want to let the players lose focus, adding a gimmick this week is a great way to put more emphasis on this game, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the number one reason for this is that its the highest profile game this season. It may not be the most exciting matchup that we’ll have, but we have GameDay, we have a strong BCS out of conference opponent, and we have the eyes of the Nation on ESPN 1 (the uno). If a recruit is gonna come visit Auburn, this is the week to do it, so who wouldn’t want to go all out, pull out all the stops and create buzz. Bring in the recruits, cheese it up, let your hands go UP (and they stay there!) and show the future Auburn Tigers that they aren’t going to find a better atmosphere to play in anywhere in the country.

    This week is show business on the plains and we all have a part to play. Be a pal and play yours.

  10. Blue uniforms or not, we better not see the players on the field asking for crowd noise on a key 3rd down again in this game like they had to last game.Such an embarrassment.

  11. The first Auburn game I ever attended in person was the 1978 Auburn vs. Georgia game where we wore the orange jerseys. At Auburn whenever I think of uniform gimmicks I think of Doug Barfield and those orange jerseys. I loved it when Pat Dye was asked about the orange jerseys and gave his famous “we are going to make them fear the blue jerseys” quote. With that said I don’t think I hate the idea of the orange jerseys as much as showing up in all blue. Just last week when South Carolina came out in all garnet I remarked to my wife how much I hate it when teams wear the dark jerseys and matching pants. It just looks horrible to me. I agree though that this staff has tried a lot of “out of the box” type of things and this seems like a spot where they might try this. Here is hoping they don’t but like you said, winning the game is most important.

  12. I can scarcely remember a game where the D players did NOT encourage the crowd to get louder on a key play here and there. I don’t understand where that complaint is coming from.

  13. One last thought on Bluegate:

    Could the blue pants/helmets rumors/leaks just be a smoke screen for an entirely different uni option? All this focus on the blue elements and nobody is talking about orange jerseys.

    I’m just sayin’.

  14. the issue with the pic is that it is purposely taken in a way that looks like it is a regular size. given the opportunity to find a blue helmet that is gonna be worn by a player i am gonna try to get a good pic, even if it is on a cell phone from the front and sides, not at an angle to make a small helmet look big on a cell phone camera

  15. All blue no. But I think against Alabama this year it would be really awesome if we wore that blue helmet white jersey and a navy pant that would be sweet that helmet is cool I think that it the only uniform combo it should be involved in thought all blue is too much for me I think maybe all white unis with the helmet I wouldn’t mind seeing the helmet with and orange facemask like the old days what do y’all think?

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