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@kennysmith does Mississippi State

From The Tweet Seats returns, a game late (due to some sort of sham cell reception issues during Arky State), but short on nothing.

All I do is win win win…

(There’s been a very involved discussion here and elsewhere of the merits of this song. And it is terrible, but it works in the stadium.)

But I digress. To Starkville, via my cable signal. What follows is a simple copy and paste of my Twitter observations from the game. Just in case, you know, the Library of Congress neglects to archive these particular impressions. Hashtag: War Eagle.

I gotta fever and the only cure is Less cowbells.

That kid at the break is the only cute child in Starkville. #kiddingkidding

Over/under on the number of times Jesse Palmer says “put his foot in the ground”?

You block, you score. Great job @tzacau81!

I’m holding a giant D. @Ren_ is holding a section of picket fence.

Second time this week the University of Alabama has robodialed me. And now during the #Auburn game. University of FAIL.

Boo boos? No wonder Adam James couldn’t get playing time with Mike Leach.

It is amazing that Little Train didn’t make that graphic.

Diaz’s goal is to line up correctly? Surely not. If so Auburn wins by 45.

State should develop a cowbell-vuvuzela hybrid. I smell government grant. #stimulus

Nick Fairley for SGA! #allIdoissacksacksack

Glad to see the replay official could put his cowbell down long enough to review that play.

Look, if you aren’t going to sing the (Hail State) song, State, why make it the commercial?

Demond Washington, he fast. He real fast.

Nick “shoulder separator” Fairley is going to be a great Halloween costume in the SEC this year. #MVP

I’m not saying Tracy Rocker wears Nick Fairley pajamas, but Rocker’s PJs do have the number 90 on them.

Hide ya kids. Hide ya State defense.

Touchdown Auburn! Newton to Adams! I was going to make an “I hear cowbells” joke, but cowbells will now get quiet.

Give Fairley a raise, Cuz.

Cam Newton likes Golden Flake … and bad State defenses.

Cam Newton likes scooters … and bowling over disbelieving defensive backs.

I liked it when plays at the half were called with a smidge more aggression.

Coach, how do you stop Cameron Newton? “Just wrap him up. And take more HGH at halftime.”

“Bring the ring”? Swell the bell would be better.

It isn’t Nick Fairley’s fault that when he lets someone go, gravity reasserts itself and corkscrews that person into the ground.

Field goal at the half looks better now, doesn’t it?

Dan Mullen, you are no longer at Florida. Relf is not Tebow.

State uses one of Auburn’s onside kicks against them. That’s gimmick infringement, man. That ain’t right.

Cam Newton likes puppies … and your laughable attempts at arm tackles.

Cam Newton likes Rocky Road … and facepalming you back into the film room.

@Supurmario27 can’t catch a break tonight.

The umpire couldn’t throw his flag because his name is Bruce Dickensen and he needs more cowbell, baby.

ESPN: No one is kicking, but we’ll get our sponsors on the screen somehow!

I love watching D linemen getting de-cleated.

Yeah, I would have gone for it.

Nick Fairley must have been traumatized by a bulldog as a child. What a savage.

Funny that wasn’t a penalty against State. Meanwhile Bynes gets his machismo on.

Hey, Chizik? Roof? People are picking on Neiko.

Congrats to State, much improved and good atmosphere. Is it too early to start worrying about them for next year?

I believe in Auburn and it has nothing to do with football.

Kenny graduated from Auburn at the turn of the century. He worked in newsrooms across the region and then earned a master’s degree at UAB. He met and married a Yankee, who declared her Auburn allegiance at her first home game. She’s now on the faculty at Auburn. He’s finishing his PhD at Alabama and teaches at Samford University. See him online at www.kennysmith.org and @kennysmith.

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