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‘It’s Who You Know’ photo contest and ticket giveaway

Note: Alice doesn't count (but she does make for a nice placeholder) and the Malzahns are already quite familiar.

Note: Alice doesn’t count (but she does make for a nice go-to graphic) and the Malzahns are already quite familiar.

Thanks yet again to Auburn Elvis‘ lack of commitment to the team (ahh — we kid), The War Eagle Reader has two tickets for Saturday’s game against UL-Monroe. And we’re giving them away.

Perhaps you’ll recall last year’s ‘Sometimes you feel like a Nutt’ Photoshop contest, which challenged readers to come up with a graphicstoryphotomontagewhatever that told the story of the 2009 season (up to the Ole Miss game — and which incorporated some rendering of Scary Nutt).

This, from The Auburner’s Mark Paden:

… won by a lonely mile.

The guy on the left can be YOU!

This year, we’re asking for photos of you telling the coolest, or prettiest, or most important, or most interesting person you know, or at least the most _____ person that you’re not scared to talk to and explain what’s going on and ask if you can take their picture, about The War Eagle Reader. It can be of the two of you checking the site at a computer. Or on a smartphone. It can be of you holding up a napkin with “TWER” written on it near such a person. It can be of a sign with the site’s URL written on it staked by a highway that you think such a person drives down. In other words, it can pretty much be as creative as you want it to be. And we’ll judge which is the most creative. Or coolest. Or whatever. (Mark, you are still eligible.)

(Oh, and it must be suitable for publication on this site, whatever that might mean to you. And we’ll need your name.)

The tickets are for Section 16, Row 15, seats 12 and 13 (near the student section, under the Yella Wood sign…  click here to see the seating chart).

The deadline for entries is 7 p.m. Thursday. Send them to [email protected]

We’ll announce the winner Friday morning and arrange to deliver the tickets personally (that’s reward enough right there!) sometime on gameday.

So even if you don’t need the tickets, hop to it! It’ll be fun!

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