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  1. WBE-
    Don’t you think that based on Chizik’s comments throughout the week- -“Gotta be more physical on both lines, or we aren’t going to have a shot this week” (paraphrased)- that he feels the same way as you?

    From above:
    “It’s beyond cliche to say “it all starts up front.” But in the case of this offense against this defense, yeah, it all starts up front. Auburn had better win there, or it will lose everywhere else.”

    I gotta tell you, as frustrating as it is to listen to Chizik blather on without really saying anything- -I think if you really listen, and read other good independent/logical analysis (WBE’s)- -it all starts to make some semblance of sense.

    WDE! Eat some chicken.

  2. Could their offense be considered “Bama Lite?”

    Pro style with a good running game, tall WRs and a game manager at QB. Only not as good at any of those positions (except maybe WR).

    If that’s the case, and their defense obviously isn’t as good as Alabama’s, we should win if we play our best.

    That’s a big IF though.

  3. I’m glad lattimore isn’t a speed back. You’re right, we do much better against power backs and not against speed backs, because our d line creates penetration and our Dbs can’t seem to fight off blocks on the edge.

  4. WDEwg, no question. I have zero doubt he saw the same thing on film that I saw–our offensive line tossed around like grade schoolers for much of the night. And that was against a line that North Texas was able to run against. (Of course, McCalebb was so good getting round the edge we could too, statistically, but still.) It’s just not going to cut it against the Cocks.

    Buzzy, almost, not quite–Spurrier’s O has more in common with the Tide’s than ours, but they still don’t do a whole lot out of the I and they’re in the shotgun much more often. It’s somewhere between pro-style and the spread, I’d say. But you’re right that the philosophy as employed so far this season is the same–pound you up front with the stud RB, then out match-up you with the receivers.

    Brandon, I think that’s a large part of it. The safety play a year ago had a lot to do with it, too–once the speed backs got into our secondary, we had a few bad angles that turned what should have been 15-yard gains into 70-yard TDs.

  5. I’m not putting stock in what chizik says during the week anymore. During the fall all we heard was “we aren’t there yet”. Last week he changed to “we had a great week of practice.” Silly me thought that meant we were game ready and poised for outstanding play on both sides of the ball that we’ve been yearning to see all year. Didn’t happen. Just taking them one game at a time now. Go Tigers!
    If our O-line plays better and we ATTEMPT more intermediate passes I will be ok with a loss. I’d prefer a win, but I’ll take a lost to the east division if it means newton can gain some experience throwing over the middle so we are more prepared offensively for the other western div teams.

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