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Chizik wants students “All In” on “collective family agreement” (which might or might not involve blue helmets)

This just in: what helmets?

Gene Chizik was a bit more Hogan than Savage Wednesday night, gesturing to the cheering crowd (2,000?) for “more” upon taking the stage to seal “a collective family agreement.” What music was playing for Mean Gene’s entrance? Let’s just say everybody’s hands went up. And they stayed there. I swear I thought there was going to be a flyover.

There was plenty of heartfelt hearkening back to the third game of last season and the sermon was straight forward: go buck wild Saturday. All day. Dawn. Dusk. Just like West Virginia — “I witnessed 14,000 students singin’ in the rain” — only add GameDay. Recruits will be here. If you don’t wear blue, the terrorists win.

Speaking of, Team Blue Pants got giddy towards the end when Chizik, somewhat out of the BLUE, said “As you know, we’re an UnderArmour school,” and even us Team White Pantsers were thinking here it comes, we’re the beta test for some sort of Liquid Predator Drone uniforms that require blue pants helmets and glitter in the sun. But “it” was just a “let’s Protect This House.” Still… felt like a wink. (And, yeah, who knows, but it sure seems like it was, despite the efforts to put the cat back in the bag, even if, you know, it means killing the cat with flat-out denials.)

“This is going to be a special Saturday, guys… I need you guys all in.”

Hey… Housel says we wore green for a whole season back in the 30s… so whatever…

War Eagle, Coach.

UPDATE: Jerry dissects the latest intel and is fairly certain that

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