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An interview with ESPN College GameDay producer Lee Fitting

We come in peace.

When one receives an e-mail from a producer for ESPN’s GameDay, who is understandably under the impression that The War Eagle Reader is the where you turn for pictures of the most photographed landmark in Auburn (yes, it’s true: the photos you will see of Toomer’s Corner – some of them, at least – in a pre-grame tour-of-Auburn featurette were taken by our own Zac Henderson), it is only natural to try to milk the giggly OMG! of it all for everything it’s worth.

So when you read this short e-mailed interview with Lee Fitting, the man behind the wheel of what Spencer Hall recently called the “rolling logistical miracle” of GameDay, please savor the sense of urgency of complete certainty that through the American internet, dreams really can come true. (And Erin, you savor the lemonade – Esquire Magazine named it, not you, as the No. 1 Reason it’s Great to be an American Man.)

TWER: So why Auburn this week? Why not Auburn every week?

Fitting: Compelling match-up this week.  Two classic programs — Clemson vs Auburn.  ACC vs SEC.  Cam Newton good storyline.  This is a week where one game didn’t jump out as being head and shoulders over another game.  But we know when we come to Auburn, its tough to go wrong.  Fans there are so passionate.  Should be a great scene.

TWER: Have you heard anything about Auburn wearing blue helmets or blue pants for Saturday night’s game?

Fitting: We’ve heard rumors. But we have to be careful with reporting this, never know when you can be duped.

TWER: How long have you produced for ESPN / GameDay?

Fitting: Producing GameDay for 7 years know

TWER: Do you like coming to Auburn – why / why not?

Fitting: Auburn is one of my favorite stops on the tour.  I love this place.  People are friendly, food is great, hotel is outstanding…..and to top it off, one of the best atmospheres in the country for a game!  Auburn is an ideal college town.

TWER: Any idea why, back in 2008, or whenever it was, Todd’s Taste of the Town decided to forgo the safe BBQ joint option, or even Toomer’s Drugs, for a brand new Cajun restaurant… for the LSU game?

Fitting: Will have to ask Todd this question.

TWER: I mean, have you had Toomer’s lemonade?

Fitting: Yes. Outstanding. Nothing like it

TWER: Who’s your favorite team?

Fitting: Don’t have one.  I root for story lines.

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TWER: What’s the average weekly cost of producing GameDay? How many folks does it take?

Fitting: Cost of travel depends on where we are going — varies from week to week.  Takes 60-75 people on our staff to pull off the show each week.

TWER: What’s the best sign you’ve seen? Do you by chance remember one from the 1995 Iron Bowl that read “LeE CorSo Picks his Nose?” One of our contributors is rather proud of that one.

Fitting: [No response]

TWER: What’s the best game you’ve been to?

Fitting: Texas-USC National Championship Game in the Rose Bowl – Vince Young game.  Second: Michael Crabtree catch for Texas Tech vs Texas in Lubbock two years ago.

TWER: Since you were just in Tuscaloosa, can you compare/contrast the two towns? Auburn’s water tastes a lot better, right?

Fitting: I love both places. The fan bases are so passionate. Their love for football is unmatched. People in this state are lucky to have two football powers only hours apart. Alabama and Auburn are two of our favorite spots to visit.  I’ve never been to an Iron Bowl — thats on my short list.

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