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  1. i would like to hear something about Newton’s throws too. just to make me feel a little better. 1 for 8 in the spring game is all I got.

  2. Being an ex-journo myself, I’m lax to criticize any of those guys, all of whom work hard for relative peanuts and provide the information I’m not able to provide myself.

    But I will say that I always check Bitter first, and feel like he and Gribble are most likely to provide a nugget of information–like Sullen running with the first-teamers–that the only guys miss.

  3. Another tidbit from the OA that I thought was pretty telling/interesting. I think it confirmed what we/I thought, but interesting nonetheless:

    Stevens offered this explanation for why Freeman has yet to get over the hump. “It’s like this: Toro is a good player. In high school, he was used to just running around or whatever. We have a structured system here. I think he’s better now because he knows the plays. I think he’s going to be better this season. I think last year was a matter of breaking him in, getting him to see that running around isn’t enough.”

  4. While the other guys report what’s going on at practice, Woodbery focuses on facial tattoos and the 2004 mess. He hardly ever has a write-up on new recruits, but never misses negative Auburn stories (he’s usually the first one to post these). I don’t like smoke blown up my you know what 24/7 when it comes to Auburn, but always focusing on negative issues and wording things the way he does just doesn’t sit right with me. It’s obvious that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    I think we can all agree that Bitter deserves to be first on the list. He goes above and beyond what is expected from a beat reporter. It comes as no surprise that he works for someone located outside of Alabama.

  5. To your earlier point about “harmless, half-thought-out quotes”:

    I think Roof’s relatively ho-hum “Mike [McNiel] had a solid first day” falls into that category.

    As far as him being stoked about Etheridge’s return, I’m sure it has something to do with the nature of the injury from which he has fought back. It could have cost him the ability to walk.

  6. Alex, quite possibly. It certainly is easy to gush about Etheridge, no question there. But Roof seemed to take the same tack with McNeil in the spring as well. I’ll admit I could be reading too much into it, but Chizik and Thigpen have always seemed to be more upbeat about McNeil’s recovery and potential. We’ll see.

  7. I can finally breath. Real people doing real drills with real footballs. thanks for putting this together. Saves me about an hour a day bouncing around.

    Personal opinion on Woodberry – Make no mistake Alabama Football generates revenue. News on Alabama’s premier rival is part of the diet that feeds the beast. He writes with the Alabama Fan as his audience. From what I understand he graduated from UAT. The editor sends him down to Auburn to be the sheep in wolves clothing. I wonder if Auburn has a spy so to speak down in Ttown?

  8. They probably should. Nothing gets more clicks than someone writing something less than favorable about the Tide. Then again, who would volunteer for that suicide mission? And yes, he wrote for the Crimson and White.

  9. Fellas — I say give Evan a break. If anything, Evan does what a real reporter is supposed to do. He doesn’t have Auburn blinders on. I don’t want him to. I will say that it chaps me to read Alabama’s coverage in comparison. But rest assured: I don’t want Don Kausler’s and Genry Estes’ homer tones from Auburn beat writers. What I want is for some Evan Woodbery tone to bleed into T-town. That’s what real newspapering is.

  10. …..Gotta agree, Joe. Since Melick left the B’ham News for a BP PR gig, they’ve been spooning more Woodberry dreck at us subscribers here in the Tragic City. Boo. Charles Goldberg is sorely missed. There hasn’t been anything new on the Goldmine since July 20. TImes, they are a-changing. And not for the better, in the newspaper biz.

  11. Yes, Acid, they are. And it’s partly due to readers’ revealed preferences for sunshine and rainbows over messy truth. I’m guessing that Woodberry would be flattered that he’s not viewed by AU fans as a booster like some of the UA beat guys are.

    doesn’t write
    enough nice things about is not a criticism of someone’s reporting, but of his cheerleading. It’s our job to cheerlead, not the reporters’.

  12. Like I said, I don’t want smoke blown. I don’t want sunshine and rainbows. To that extent, I don’t want someone focusing on all of the negatives and negatively wording anything good. Both are just as bad IMO, and both show a complete lack of journalistic integrity. Beat writers are supposed to report the facts. There’s reporting, “The ball is red.” and there’s reporting, “The ball is the color of blood.” It’s all in the delivery, and you’d be a fool if you can’t see that his delivery is always the second of the two.

  13. Well Guys, I quit reading a couple of years ago and am better for it. Same thing as giving up Finescum radio. Joined Mark Murphy’s and War Blog Eagle have not looked back. Best thing I’ve done in a long, long while.

  14. to mpg… I believe Cam was 3 for 8 in the spring game. Certainly not great, but it was pretty evident they weren’t gonna let him loose… most of those passes were on third down situations when the defense knew exactly what was coming. I’m sure he’ll be better.

  15. Ahem.

    OMG OMG Fall practice OMG football so close OMG cool autumn days of football on the Plains OMG War Eagle OMG

    That is all. Continue with your day, citizen.


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