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  1. Call me crazy(all together now)..
    This staff has shown some innovation. I look for the scout team to mean something different at Auburn this year.
    Coach Chizik almost painted the picture, that the group that best could duplicate the style of offense they would face would be the scout team that week.
    Almost to say if Neil Caudle could be the best at imitating the opposing QB then Caudle would be the scout team QB that week.
    That would be an interesting way to approach game week.

  2. Jerry Im glad you are level headed about Owens redshirt. I agreed when you said it a while back that he probably would. Cant believe so many AU fans are shocked by this. Seems like if you are shocked, you dont know a whole lot about football….On Ryan White, I think he is the scout QB because there is no one else. Dont want to give it to Mosley again. Thus Smith is the only option. I predicted this back in the spring….Hope Eltoro heals up soon, it made me smile when Roof said he was having “a fantastic camp”, seems like the mental side has caught up. If so he will be dangerous….Jorrell does have awesome hair. I sat next to him in class in the spring, super nice dude.

  3. Can we have our AJ Greene and Georgia’s AJ Green set up a “loser must change your name” after this year’s game?

    CeeLo Green — Sould Machine — can provide the music at our celebration.

  4. On the list of newcomers not going to scout team…. Chad Slade? Of all the OL candidates coming in only Tunde was a longer long shot (and at least he has a name we can’t pronounce). I was actually looking at our 2011 OL depth chart about a month ago and sort of fretting over all the unknowns. The only guys I was thinking “they’ll probably be good” are Ed Christian, Eric Mack and the Juco’s, and then lo and behold Sullen and AJ Green emerge from the scrum to fight for right tackle and Chad Slade leaves the other freshmen behind (plus the feel good walk-on story of Blake Burgess). Suddenly 2011 doesn’t seem so desperate.

  5. marmot, I can’t believe I missed it, but you and P-Marsh have me corrected today. I think I overlooked him because I just assumed he was on the scout team … I mean, if Mack and Christian were, right? Great job by him.


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