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  1. Re: “Ryan White-at-quarterback free trial period”

    It goes further than that. It tells the entire team and any future prospects that these coaches say what they mean and mean what they say. A promise made is a promise kept. That’s the kind of reputation that you can’t buy or borrow for love nor money.

    Compare and contrast with that other institution upstate and the rash of over-recruiting and sudden greyshirting. Think HS athletes aren’t aware? Think again.

    War Eagle.

  2. Moab’s a cool place. If you have time rent a jeep for the day and take one of the lower rated off-road routes. There’s a real popular one that takes you from Moab into Canyonlands that even a 4-wheeling novice can navigate (higher rated stuff is pretty sick, so don’t make a wrong turn). You go by some locations made famous by movies and car commercials including the car into the ravine scene of ‘Thelma and Louise’. I’ve spent a lot of time in beautiful places, and that day really stands out.

  3. I kinda like the right tackle situation(I know, I’m weird) Building experience, and chemistry within all the positions is a big help.

    One of the beat hacks mentioned that while Greene was right tackle, Moseley was at left guard, and that it seemed, more to get familiar with, than say, someone is not stepping up. Even if the coaches are saying nobody has stood out, they certainly are not saying abandon ship either.

    Plus by AJ’s own admission he was tired of going through the motions and decided to turn the light on himself. Which is what go getters usually do. Here’s to hoping we have the best O-line for years to come.

  4. Oh, by the way, my Friday post at Track Em is about that battle royale. I’ll have to change the title now I guess..
    Good stuff Jerry, enjoyed all of it.


  5. One of the more pessimistic posts, but at least you speak your mind. Two more weekends until heaven.

  6. Granted, I’m usually the blindly optimistic type (I had dreams of challenging for the SEC title prior to the 08 season), but maybe AJ Greene IS the one stepping up to grab the position and make it his, ala Darvin Adams last year, who came out of nowhere….just sayin


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