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Keep it Down Home, Stud: The romance novel covers of Eric Ramsey


In 1991, former Auburn defensive back Eric Ramsey revealed that he had secretly recorded conversations between himself and Auburn coaches and boosters that implicated the latter in an illicit pay-for-play scheme operating within the Auburn football program.

In a Sports Illustrated article written in the immediate wake of the scandal, Coach Pat Dye defiantly asked SI writer Rick Telander: “You think Ramsey is going to be able to get a job? Who the hell would hire him…”

Nearly 20 years later, that question has, at least to a certain extent, been answered: Kimani Press, the African-American-geared imprint of Harlequin Enterprises.

Though rumors of a modeling career have swirled on Auburn message boards for years, TWER is _______ to present for the first time, and without commentary, the romance novel covers — and they’re real — of Eric Ramsey (your move, Wikipedia):

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