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  1. Jerry..I grew up just a stone’s throw from Warner Robins in a little town called Montezuma…this kid was a “have to get” and the Chiz & Co. came through….NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT!…and just to make you jealous out there on the res, I just got my Season Tix delivered here at Sandestin..WDE!, Jay

  2. Jbird, Growing up in Montezuma, do you despise that tequila even more-so?

    no joke: if Chiz says that Whitaker is “exactly what we need”, then i have to believe in that. I don’t think I have reason to believe otherwise.

  3. From the UGAs response…

    How could anyone in their right mind choose Auburn over UGA? I understand all the kids who cannot get in/don’t get recruited by UGA and have to settle for Auburn, then move to Atlanta, put 4 pieces of AU flair on their vehicles and proclaim Auburn to be the greatest place on earth, but how could anyone who had the option choose to go slumming?

    You are going to be second fiddle in TWO states for the rest of your life.

    Oh well, you had your chance Jeff, now prepare to be 0-8 versus your two rivals

    …this sort of shit (and having to put up with it for the vast majority of my childhood as an Auburn fan in Southwest Georgia) is why I hate the University of Georgia and their fans with an unquenchable passion that could only be satisfied by being up on them 94-0 and going for another 2 point conversion with 0:15 on the clock.

  4. Awesome, Dan. I save that kind of venom for the Tide myself, so I’m always delighted to see other Auburn fans carrying that kind of torch for the Dawgs. Keep the hate strong, brother.


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