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  1. You know, when Ole Miss had that big debacle over the mascot, they should have just changed it to that one.

    Win-win for both sides, right?

  2. That highlight real was AUsome. That catch at the 1:39 mark was unbelievable. I’m glad Chizik & the guys kept him in state.

    Wow, Demopolis, huh? Been through that way a few times…WDE

  3. LOL Chris is a friend of mine (the engineering one, that is). Pretty cool guy, but probably not a football player, no. I was wondering if the same name thing would ever pop up…

    War Eagle engineering, btw.

  4. I’m also suprised he’s not in the punt return mix. He was my choice through the offseason to win the job. Coaches, however, can be cautious about putting freshmen back there. I still think he’s going to make some noise as a returner, maybe even before the years out.

  5. AO, totally. Someone should ask them.

    I agree that Davis could still be heard from at returner before the season is out. It’s not like Carr was in the mix when last season started. Maybe if he can pick off a pass somewhere, prove his hands are up to snuff …


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