Geezeburger, Cheeburger

Pounder? I hardly knew ye!

I had no idea, until I saw this Kenny Smith phone photo, that Cheeburger Cheeburger 2.0 had totally revamped the Wall of Fame, which at the Auburn Cheeburger had also meant the Ceiling and Table Tops and Nooks and Crannies and Anywhere Else They Could Think of to Tape a Polaroid of White Hat Conquest Fame. (We could pound some Pounders).

But shuffling through Polaroids (and apparently also non-Polaroids) shiskabobbed to a pegboard? There’s no way Mrs. Hacker would have let that fly. Who has the time (or the hand sanitizer) for that? And I mean, breaking your neck trying to verify the rumor that Aaron Cometbus had not only been to Cheeburger Cheeburger sometime in the mid-90s, but had actually eaten The Pounder, was half the fun of going there (he told me in 2002 that he’d never even been to Auburn, but what does he know – I kept looking).

I guess I haven’t been in a while because this is the first I’ve seen / heard of this travesty. Tell me they still have the Trivial Pursuit cards…

Did you see something AUsome? Weird? Today? Whenever? Take a picture of it? Know someone who did?

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